Black Is the New Black!”

November 5th, 2018 | Blog

What’s New?

Introducing BLACK MDF, available exclusively from Spacewall West in Placentia, CA.

If you want a panel that is completely black on both sides, this is a perfect solution for you. And if you prefer a black groove, but don’t need the strength of a metal insert, then BLACK MDF is the best product to choose.

BLACK MDF is a low luster, matte texture that has become very popular. In addition, we can laminate one side of the panel so you have a laminated panel with black groove and black back. There are a multitude of laminate options available.

Panels are in stock and can be made as 4’ tall x 8’ long horizontal sheets, or 8’ tall x 4’ long vertical panels. Call us for samples or a bid.
800-643-4952, Placentia, CA only.