Plastic Slatwall – Cherry – SW7004-7008

Manufactured in the USA, plastic slatwall is an alternative to wood slatwall and may be a better product for certain applications. This cellular PVC has a smooth finish with color throughout the panel. Plastic slatwall is impervious to water, with a unique profile that prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the groove. Plastic slatwall works with most standard slatwall accessories, and weighs 40 pounds per sheet. It is a good option for trade shows where lighter weight is of particular importance.

It is sold by the box and is available in two sizes: 12″ x 4′ (SW7004) and 12″ x 8′ (SW7008). The 4′ boxes have 8 pieces and the 8′ boxes have 4 pieces. There is a 2 box minimum.