Omniwall Metal Channel Inserts Black – 3 and 6 Inch Spacing

Omniwall — we invented this T-metal channel insert. Omniwall is our trade name for a T-insert in the groove and is the industry standard for panel strength. Panels are constructed with aluminum inserts in each groove, giving superior strength, appearance, and tighter tolerances.

Omniwall metal channel inserts are offered in mill finish and black, and can be matched with our complete range of slatwall panels including LPL, HPL, mirror, veneer and MDF paint grade.

Metal omniwall inserts are recommended for applications requiring additional weight bearing capacity. Metal channels cannot be added to boards that were not originally manufactured for metal inserts. Omniwall metal inserts must be specified during the initial order.

Our premium Omniwall panels top the industry standards for quality and performance. They're carefully constructed with aluminum inserts in the channels giving tighter tolerances, superior appearance, and unmatched strength. These panels are offered in our complete range of finishes, i.e. high pressure laminates, mirror plex, and veneer in plywood and MDF substrate.

* Note – Prices below are an add-on to the panel price. Metal inserts are only sold with slatwall panels; not separately.