How to Choose Horizontal or Vertical Slatwall Panels

April 22nd, 2016 | Blog

Do you know how to choose horizontal slatwall or vertical slatwall? Here are some guidelines.

Choose HORIZONTAL slatwall to minimize your visible seams when installing. Lining up 4′ of grooves is easier than lining up 8′ of grooves. Choose horizontal slatwall for ease of installation. The panels are not quite as flexible as vertical panels so they are easier to install. Horizontal panels can be stacked one on top of another so your half grooves on the top and bottom edges join to create a seam. Horizontal panels are more cost-efficient than vertical panels since vertical panels carry an additional cost.

Choose VERTICAL slatwall, also called CROSSGROOVED SLATWALL, if needing to cover a narrow but tall area. It is a good choice for wrapping columns. Trade show booths use vertical slatwall because booths are often 8′ tall and need a solid panel that is not pieced together.

If you have questions about when to use horizontal or vertical panels, call us and we will help you figure it out!