Five Reasons Not to Make Your Own Slatwall

August 19th, 2014 | Blog

Why would you make your own slatwall when Spacewall West can make it more quickly, efficiently and with far more options than you can achieve on your own?

  1. You may have a CNC router system, but do you really want to take your valuable CNC time to make slatwall. How long does that take anyway? Many CNC’s have only single heads routers. It will take a VERY LONG TIME to groove a single panel. Even with multiple heads, is this how you choose to use this equipment?
  2. Metal and plastic inserts… we have them. Do you? We install our proprietary inserts into the panel for you, probably more quickly and efficiently than you can. Perhaps you can make your own panels, but now you have to spend your precious time finding plastic and/or metal channels that fit your router bits. There are multiple versions of both plastic and metal…thin or thick…beveled or square edged, and not all inserts fit all slatwall bits. I’ve gotten numerous panicked phone calls from cabinet shops that have routed their own panels and bought their own inserts only to find the inserts don’t fit. We can make it so much simpler for you by providing the complete package.
  3. Dust… how much dust does a panel make? About one third of every 3/4″ MDF panel we groove will end up as sawdust and be funneled through our intricate dust collection system. Do you have an adequate dust collector for grooving your own panels?
  4. What other work do you do at your shop? If you make any parts of plastic or metal, you will find that the sawdust generated by slatwall paneling will wreak havoc on any of these parts you may be making at the same time.
  5. Liability… have you ever had slatwall paneling break out and your client asks you about the weight holding capabilities of your panels? What do you tell them and how have you collected that data? We know exactly what our board supports and with proper installation and education, your customers won’t have breakout issues. We back up these claims with installation instructions and board weight capabilities.

I’m sure your shop is run cleanly and efficiently and you are very good at what you do. At Spacewall, we are also very good at what we do and it’s our job to make yours as easy as possible when it comes to providing slatwall paneling.

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