When to Select HPL (high pressure laminate) or LPL (low pressure laminate) for Slatwall Paneling

April 19th, 2018

We are often asked what the difference is between a high pressure laminate product and a low pressure laminate, and why one is better than the other. But first, what exactly are these two products? HPL or high pressure laminate, is an actual plastic sheet with a backer that makes the product extremely durable. Each sheet is adhered with glue to the ¾” core product and then put in a press to bond the materials together. It’s the same material often used in kitchen and bathroom countertops for commercial and residential applications. LPL or low pressure laminate, is a paper overlay finish bonded to MDF with a heat-activated glue. A laminating machine with heat rollers ensures a consistent and sound bond. LPL is a general category of product, but you may hear other descriptions like melamine, vinyl film, or foil…

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