3 Reasons Why Spacewall’s American Made Slatwall is the Best Choice

July 3rd, 2019 | Blog, What's New

When it comes to choosing a product for displaying merchandise in your store, traditional slatwall is a versatile, and strong solution. Spacewall is the originator of slatwall paneling. Over the years, our high standards of manufacturing at our own U.S. based facilities have always set us apart from the competition.

Here are 3 top reasons why our customers are always satisfied with choosing our slatwall panels when they design their retail locations.

#1 – Panel Thickness

Panels made in the U.S. by Spacewall have a panel thickness of a true .75” or 19.05 mm. This is thicker than an import board, which is generally .7086 or 18 mm.

Why does this matter? When it comes to slatwall strength, skinnier is not better. A thinner board just doesn’t have the same strength as our panels. Our MDF panels will support 10-15 pounds per bracket, while slatwall reinforced with metal inserts will support up to 60 pounds per bracket. To learn more about how much weight our slatwall can hold read our previous post.

#2 – Flexibility

Designing your retail space to appeal to your customers is a must and Spacewall can provide a variety of colors and finishes to compliment any style. We even carry colors such as purple or teal with a one sheet minimum and lead time of about a week. With imported slatwall, you often have to resort to painting it to get the desired color.

Sizes and slot spacing is designed to accommodate a wide range of display options. Spacewall offers slot spacing of 3”, 6”, 4” and 8”. Our insert options, which can help increase the weight capacity, include both plastic channel in four colors as well as metal inserts in mill finish and black. Sheet sizes of 4’ tall x 8’ long as well as 8’ tall x 4’ long are available. For certain colors, we can also do 5 x 8 and 4 x 10.

In comparison, with imported slatwall you have a more difficult time finding the spacing and insert options in the colors, finishes, and sizes that you want. If you need 8’ tall x 4’ wide panels or other larger sheet sizes, you’re out of luck with import panels. Because the panel thickness is thinner, the metal inserts are thinner as well. This means the opening where the bracket fits into the panel is skinnier and your hardware selection may not be as flexible because not all hardware will fit the panel. Not to mention, the thinner metal inserts are not as strong as our Omniwall T metal inserts.

Hardware ranging from brackets to wire and plastics will fit our Omniwall insert, giving you plenty of high quality display options.

Unlike some manufacturers, we also have one sheet minimums. Inventory is available or custom orders can be fulfilled in 1 to 2 weeks.

#3 – Quality

The old saying, “You get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to slatwall. A very low cost will typically equal low quality that will not stand up to the demands of a retail location. An economy product is not designed to last for the lifetime of your store, but Spacewall slatwall will last far longer than an import panel.

If you need to replace panels frequently due to breakout or other aesthetic issues, this is not only a safety risk for your customers, but will cause disruptions to your employees and customers for installation, and cost you time and money over and over again. In the beginning, a low cost product may seem like you’re saving money, but you’ll spending that savings each time you have to replace a lower quality panel.

No one can match Spacewall’s craftsmanship. From the core to the high pressure laminate to the inserts, all of our materials are made in the United States. Our omniwall T metal insert is the most durable in the industry. You’ll be 100% satisfied and we guarantee it.

Pro Golf Discount Remodels Bellevue Store

April 15th, 2019 | Blog, What's New

Congratulations to Pro Golf Discount in Bellevue, WA on their recent relocation and remodel. Spacewall West is proud to have worked with Pro Golf and Hodge Construction on providing slatwall paneling for this store.

Nevamar urban life AG1900T, used in the shoe department and accessories area, creates a perfect backdrop for the PGD product line. And contrasting with this is Formica 8916-NT blackened fiberwood, a rich textured woodgrain used in their TaylorMade department. Black and white never goes out of style and the mill finish aluminum omniwall T inserts not only give the panels strength to carry the weight of the merchandise, but is also a timeless and classic look. Combining black and white in the store creates a bold statement.

Pro Golf Discount is located in the Overlake area at 14404 NE 20th Street in Bellevue, WA; as well as several other locations across the Puget Sound area.

If you have a store remodel or new store construction coming up and are interested in slatwall paneling or custom store fixtures, call Spacewall West at 800-643-4952.

Black Is the New Black!”

November 5th, 2018 | Blog

What’s New?

Introducing BLACK MDF, available exclusively from Spacewall West in Placentia, CA.

If you want a panel that is completely black on both sides, this is a perfect solution for you. And if you prefer a black groove, but don’t need the strength of a metal insert, then BLACK MDF is the best product to choose.

BLACK MDF is a low luster, matte texture that has become very popular. In addition, we can laminate one side of the panel so you have a laminated panel with black groove and black back. There are a multitude of laminate options available.

Panels are in stock and can be made as 4’ tall x 8’ long horizontal sheets, or 8’ tall x 4’ long vertical panels. Call us for samples or a bid.
800-643-4952, Placentia, CA only.

Captain’s Toy Chest in Homer, AK

June 24th, 2018 | Blog

Captain's Toy Chest, Homer, AK

Congratulations to Captain’s Toy Chest in Homer, AK on their grand opening! Spacewall West worked with owners Lisa and Ken to provide slatwall paneling and custom store fixtures for their brand new toy store…by the way, the ONLY toy store in Homer, AK!

Located at 345 West Sterling Highway, Ste 105, phone 907-435-0900; they are locally owned and operated. They have a wide-ranging array of creative and engaging toys, games, puzzles, creative art and science kits. Visit them on Facebook.

If you have a store remodel or new store and are interested in slatwall paneling and store fixtures, contact us at 800-643-4952 or 800-433-7099.

When to Select HPL (high pressure laminate) or LPL (low pressure laminate) for Slatwall Paneling

April 19th, 2018 | Blog

We are often asked what the difference is between a high pressure laminate product and a low pressure laminate, and why one is better than the other. But first, what exactly are these two products?

HPL or high pressure laminate, is an actual plastic sheet with a backer that makes the product extremely durable. Each sheet is adhered with glue to the ¾” core product and then put in a press to bond the materials together. It’s the same material often used in kitchen and bathroom countertops for commercial and residential applications.

LPL or low pressure laminate, is a paper overlay finish bonded to MDF with a heat-activated glue. A laminating machine with heat rollers ensures a consistent and sound bond. LPL is a general category of product, but you may hear other descriptions like melamine, vinyl film, or foil laminate to describe this type of product.

Regardless of whether you choose LPL or HPL, the weight capability of what the slatwall board supports is not affected by what is on the face of the panel. LPL is stocked at our Spacewall plants in basic, neutral colors. Our Seattle plant has eleven color choices ranging from solid colors, woodgrains and brushed aluminum. Our Los Angeles plant has twenty lpl options which include several that are not typically stocked by other slatwall manufacturers. Basic colors from both plants are white, black, almond, light and dark gray, brushed aluminum, hard rock maple, cherry and oak. Los Angeles stocks the Touch Series, a grouping of 6 colors that have a slight texture to the panel.

Since HPL is laid up by the panel, we don’t stock any HPL colors-and there are literally thousands of colors to select with one sheet minimums. This is one of the advantages of HPL vs LPL-the wide range of color possibilities that are available. You also have greater flexibility in selecting a sheet size with high pressure laminates because depending on the color and pattern selected, it is generally more readily available as 4 x 10 or 5 x 8 sizes. Because it is a little bit of a thicker layer, the HPL is also more chip resistant at the groove and less susceptible to scratching.

Textured laminates have become increasingly more popular with the majority of the manufacturers offering a multitude of different finishes. For example, Formica’s PX Plex Finish feels like a canvas or burlap texture; Wilsonart’s K18 linearity finish is a subtle narrow, random linear texture that provides dimension and visual movement to solid colors; and Panolam’s LZ, Line Z finish is a bolder and larger linear texture.

If you change your displays out frequently, you may choose a HPL product for better durability; but if you merchandise your panels and seldom change out your fixtures, then the less expensive LPL may be a better choice for you. If you are uncertain of whether to use lpl or hpl, call us to discuss. We’re happy to send samples of both lpl and hpl in the color ranges you are looking for.

Sockshop University

March 21st, 2018 | Blog

Congratulations and good luck to Sockshop University (#sockshopuniversity and #noboringsocks) on the opening of their newest store in Seattle. Located in the heart of the University District at 4542 University Way NE, their store features a huge variety of socks displayed on …wait for it…none other than our very own SPACEWALL SLATWALL PANELING! Sockshop selected Wilsonart White Barn WA7977K12 for this project and it creates a clean and neutral background for the wide variety of colorful socks they carry. Thanks for allowing Spacewall West to be part of your construction process and we wish you much success in your new Seattle store.

Aquarium Gift Shop Gets New Stunning Design

May 11th, 2017 | Blog

Spacewall International recently completed an exciting project for a new gift shop in the Texas State Aquarium (Corpus Christi, Texas). The project required a number of custom printed laminate panels manufactured using MDF and Omniwall T metal inserts in the grooves and custom display units including a custom slatwall checkout counter.

Five massive, realistic-looking murals were created depicting dolphins, lionfish, jellyfish, sea turtles and sardines.

Click here to read more about custom print slatwall and see a photo gallery of this project.

10 FAQ About How Much Weight Slatwall Can Hold

February 10th, 2017 | Blog

There are a multitude of factors that go into the weight bearing capabilities of slatwall paneling. Many questions about the type of slatwall to use can only be answered by the consumer; because it is only the user that intimately knows the makeup of the items sold in the store; how much the items weight; how heavily the panels are merchandised using what hardware; and the amount of traffic the store receives.

What are the ten most common questions I am asked about slatwall weight capabilities? My responses are going to be based on the products I am most familiar with; although I can make general comments about other products as well.

1. How much weight does slatwall support?

Unsupported slatwall is a panel having no insert; as well as plastic channel, ColorGroove or a laminate strip in the groove. For slatwall manufactured out of MDF, panels will support 10-15 pounds per bracket. Reinforced slatwall with metal inserts supports 50-60 pounds per bracket. Omniwall is Spacewall’s trade name for a T-metal insert in the groove. J-Metal is our trade name for a J-metal insert in the groove. J-metal is generally glued into the panel for the strongest fit. For more information on J-metal, go to our J-metal page. If certain parts of your store encounter heavier customer contact, or more frequently changed displays, consider using reinforced slatwall.

2. My slatwall is installed and I didn’t order metal inserts. I think I need them. Can I add them now?

Spacewall’s metal inserts are installed at the time of manufacturing. We make a deeper cut into the board to accommodate the thickness of the metal insert. Some slatwall manufacturers have metal inserts that are narrow enough to fit the shape of a typical T slot. They can be added after panels are on the wall, provided there is an opening large enough on one side for the inserts to be slid in. Keep in mind that these inserts are not as flexible as the full T metal insert that is put in at the time of manufacturing. These inserts have very limited capabilities as to the type of hardware that work with them, because the slat opening is much smaller. As a general rule, no wire or plastic slatwall accessories will work with these inserts. If you only need hooks and metal accessories, these inserts may work for you, but I’d suggest checking the fit before going with this option.

3. How much weight can a slatwall shelf hold and how many brackets per shelf do I need if I don’t have metal inserts.

An article on a shelf that is 12″ deep will have a load center 6″ out from the wall, or at the center of the shelf. Hardware should be no greater than 12″ from the wall and should be spaced every 12″ apart. A four foot shelf should have brackets on both ends, and two brackets in the middle for a total of four brackets.

4. What is a downslanted faceout and why is using this a problem if I don’t have metal inserts?

Faceouts that slant down, also called waterfall brackets, have all of the weight at the end of the waterfall, and that puts more stress on the upper lip of the groove. Take care to use a minimal amount of merchandise on waterfalls.

5. Can I use hangrail without metal inserts?

Unreinforced slatwall is not suitable for hangrail applications, regardless of the weight on the hangrail.

6. How much weight does plastic channel hold?

Slatwall manufacturers have different thicknesses of plastic channel, so this answer only applies to Spacewall products. Our plastic channel is aesthetic only; and does not add any strength to the panel. We have had many customers tell us that using the plastic channel when frequently changing out displays does help to protect the upper and lower lips of the slatwall for chipping; but it doesn’t add strength to the groove itself.

7. Which is a stronger panel, a low pressure laminate (lpl) or high pressure laminate (hpl).

Both the lpl and hpl go on the face of the panel, and don’t affect the strength of the board to any great degree. You need to be concerned with what goes in the groove, not is what is on the face to determine the strength of the panel.

8. I think I may need metal inserts, but they are out of my budget. What do I do?

Consider using a wider slot spacing between the grooves, such as 6″ oc rather than 3″ oc. Fewer metal inserts converts to a lower price point.

9. Why am I having breakout? I have two panels stacked on top of one another and display primarily at the 4′ point.

The weakest parts of every panel are the 4′ and 8′ edges. Do not overload a single groove, and if you don’t have metal inserts in the grooves, try not to load the groove where the two panels come together because it is a weaker area.

10. Can you make certain grooves with metal inserts and others without?

We can, but unless you have a large volume of panels needed, it isn’t recommended. Manufacturing a portion of the grooves with metal inserts will require a special machine set up. Also, you should make certain that no one in your store will be changing out displays and putting heavier items on grooves without the metal inserts.

Sometimes, breakout just happens. You have done all you can to insure that your slatwall isn’t overloaded; but someone’s purse or backpack strap gets caught in a peghook; someone leans against a display or bumps it and more pressure is applied to the panel. No one can control every aspect of the customer experience, but you can help that process by selecting the best slatwall for your store needs.

How to Choose Horizontal or Vertical Slatwall Panels

April 22nd, 2016 | Blog

Do you know how to choose horizontal slatwall or vertical slatwall? Here are some guidelines.

Choose HORIZONTAL slatwall to minimize your visible seams when installing. Lining up 4′ of grooves is easier than lining up 8′ of grooves. Choose horizontal slatwall for ease of installation. The panels are not quite as flexible as vertical panels so they are easier to install. Horizontal panels can be stacked one on top of another so your half grooves on the top and bottom edges join to create a seam. Horizontal panels are more cost-efficient than vertical panels since vertical panels carry an additional cost.

Choose VERTICAL slatwall, also called CROSSGROOVED SLATWALL, if needing to cover a narrow but tall area. It is a good choice for wrapping columns. Trade show booths use vertical slatwall because booths are often 8′ tall and need a solid panel that is not pieced together.

If you have questions about when to use horizontal or vertical panels, call us and we will help you figure it out!

Six New Colors To Update Your Retail Store in 2015

January 7th, 2015 | Blog

What is the question we are asked most often by our customers? “Do you have something affordable other than white or maple slatwall? And secondly, “Do you have something I can buy right NOW and not have to wait a couple of weeks?”

Spacewall West is listening to you and we are introducing a beautiful new line of cold-rolled urethane topcoated low pressure laminates. These textured woodgrain papers, with matching L molding for the edges are contemporary, yet evocative of the past. Our new colors reflect current design trends for the commercial as well as residential market; and are in stock now in Los Angeles, CA.

1. ARIA – If you are looking for a gray, nostalgic barnwood, try ARIA. This rustic look is an excellent neutral color and pairs well with our omniwall T aluminum inserts.

Purchase Aria.

2. AUTUMN LEAVES – warm, inviting browns are making a comeback, and Autumn Leaves doesn’t disappoint. This pattern reminds me of a great cup of dark roasted coffee or an old-fashioned gentleman’s club.

Purchase Autumn Leaves.

3. LATITUDE NORTH – This is the lightest of our new colors and is a whitewashed, repurposed and bleached look. Why use white when you can gain a much richer look with Latitude North.

Purchase Latitude North.

4. SPRING BLOSSOM – Combine both gray and dark browns for richness and elegance. Add black omniwall T metal inserts and the look is classic and enduring.

Purchase Spring Blossom.

5. SUMMER BREEZE – our beige and gray palette is folksy, yet distinct. A neutral with some punch thrown in!

Purchase Summer Breeze.

6. WINTER CHERRY – this new cherry has more subtle pink and red highlights. It’s a warm, inviting and timeless color.

Purchase Winter Cherry.

Spacewall West is stocking these six new colors in Los Angeles; and we can produce panels in horizontal 4′ x 8′ or vertical 8′ x 4′ orientations. Choose your slot spacing and insert options. You won’t find these color choices available in a low pressure laminate anywhere else in the country. Call us today to request samples or place an order.

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