3 Reasons Why Spacewall’s American Made Slatwall is the Best Choice

July 3rd, 2019 | Blog, What's New

When it comes to choosing a product for displaying merchandise in your store, traditional slatwall is a versatile, and strong solution. Spacewall is the originator of slatwall paneling. Over the years, our high standards of manufacturing at our own U.S. based facilities have always set us apart from the competition.

Here are 3 top reasons why our customers are always satisfied with choosing our slatwall panels when they design their retail locations.

#1 – Panel Thickness

Panels made in the U.S. by Spacewall have a panel thickness of a true .75” or 19.05 mm. This is thicker than an import board, which is generally .7086 or 18 mm.

Why does this matter? When it comes to slatwall strength, skinnier is not better. A thinner board just doesn’t have the same strength as our panels. Our MDF panels will support 10-15 pounds per bracket, while slatwall reinforced with metal inserts will support up to 60 pounds per bracket. To learn more about how much weight our slatwall can hold read our previous post.

#2 – Flexibility

Designing your retail space to appeal to your customers is a must and Spacewall can provide a variety of colors and finishes to compliment any style. We even carry colors such as purple or teal with a one sheet minimum and lead time of about a week. With imported slatwall, you often have to resort to painting it to get the desired color.

Sizes and slot spacing is designed to accommodate a wide range of display options. Spacewall offers slot spacing of 3”, 6”, 4” and 8”. Our insert options, which can help increase the weight capacity, include both plastic channel in four colors as well as metal inserts in mill finish and black. Sheet sizes of 4’ tall x 8’ long as well as 8’ tall x 4’ long are available. For certain colors, we can also do 5 x 8 and 4 x 10.

In comparison, with imported slatwall you have a more difficult time finding the spacing and insert options in the colors, finishes, and sizes that you want. If you need 8’ tall x 4’ wide panels or other larger sheet sizes, you’re out of luck with import panels. Because the panel thickness is thinner, the metal inserts are thinner as well. This means the opening where the bracket fits into the panel is skinnier and your hardware selection may not be as flexible because not all hardware will fit the panel. Not to mention, the thinner metal inserts are not as strong as our Omniwall T metal inserts.

Hardware ranging from brackets to wire and plastics will fit our Omniwall insert, giving you plenty of high quality display options.

Unlike some manufacturers, we also have one sheet minimums. Inventory is available or custom orders can be fulfilled in 1 to 2 weeks.

#3 – Quality

The old saying, “You get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to slatwall. A very low cost will typically equal low quality that will not stand up to the demands of a retail location. An economy product is not designed to last for the lifetime of your store, but Spacewall slatwall will last far longer than an import panel.

If you need to replace panels frequently due to breakout or other aesthetic issues, this is not only a safety risk for your customers, but will cause disruptions to your employees and customers for installation, and cost you time and money over and over again. In the beginning, a low cost product may seem like you’re saving money, but you’ll spending that savings each time you have to replace a lower quality panel.

No one can match Spacewall’s craftsmanship. From the core to the high pressure laminate to the inserts, all of our materials are made in the United States. Our omniwall T metal insert is the most durable in the industry. You’ll be 100% satisfied and we guarantee it.